Austen Resilience Assessment
Measure and improve resilience
A rigorous approach to assessing and reporting the level of stress in organisations and individuals
Do we know what risk we are exposed to due to the impact of stress?
Am I under unhealthy levels of stress and should I do something about it?
Benefits for organisations and individuals
Whether an individual, team or organisation, the one who bounces back the fastest from unexpected challenges will outperform the rest in the long run.
Resilient organisations…
  • are more productive
  • have higher retention and engagement
  • have lower sickness and absenteeism
  • are less at risk from poor decisions
  • are more innovative
  • are employers of choice
Resilient individuals…
  • cope better with change
  • are clearer and more focused on key enablers of success
  • are more creative
  • tackle new challenges with enthusiasm
  • have better mental and physical health
  • have better relationships both in and outside work
Resilience Resources
This section contains a collection of practical tools and resources to utilise during periods of stress and support you in building your resilience. You can find articles, videos, websites, useful contact details and reputable coaches and counsellors. These resources can supplement the insights and advice gained in the AURA personal report.
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